Children’s Mental Health Services

Our children’s mental health services team provides child play therapy, family therapy, and psychiatric services for kids in greater Richmond. Connect with a trusted child therapist today through our Outpatient, School-Based, Virtual, and Immediate Response therapy options! 

If your child is experiencing a mental health emergency, please call our Immediate Response Helpline at (804) 305-2420.

ChildSavers provides children's mental health services in Richmond, VA

Explore Therapy Options

Outpatient Therapy for Children

Our clinic-based therapists provides children’s mental health services in Richmond VA. Medicaid and private insurances accepted!

Virtual Therapy Sessions

ChildSavers now offers virtual therapy for children and families during COVID-19.

Immediate Response Therapy

Immediate Response therapy is available 24/7, 365 days per year to children experiencing trauma or a mental health crisis in Richmond VA.

School-Based Therapy

By providing services in Richmond Public schools, we can serve more children, engage with their families and teachers, and achieve improved outcomes.

Psychiatric services at ChildSavers are provided by Dr. Thresa H. Simon.

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