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ChildSavers is special because of people like you – people who are passionate about ensuring children have the skills to succeed in school and life. And people like you support nurturing early child care and trauma-informed mental health therapy for a variety of reasons. You know that the children you help are amazing. They’re smart, creative, curious, and brave, and they deserve to have a childhood.

I’m grateful to introduce Childhood Friends, a new opportunity to support a mission you care about.

Childhood Friends is a special group of donors who make a continuing commitment to our community’s children. Each Childhood Friend makes a monthly contribution that ensures ChildSavers can count on a reliable stream of support all year. They generously give back for many reasons, and the stories behind each gift reveal the resilience and hope that defines us as a community.

We named this group in honor of those like you who are a friend to childhood. When we talk about childhood at ChildSavers, we mean the ideal. What do we want for our community’s children? If you asked someone what their ideal childhood is, what would they say? What would you say?

To ChildSavers, childhood is a critical time for growth, development, and learning. We want all children to experience healthy, supportive, and nurturing relationships with adults. These relationships are the foundation for building resiliency and social and emotional skills. The ideal childhood is one where the child is able to grow up in a safe environment that fosters learning and resilience. However, not every child grows up in safe circumstances and not every child’s earliest experiences with adults are positive. Sometimes terrible things happen to children through no fault of their own. This is why having friends of childhood is so important. This is why your membership in Childhood Friends can make a difference.

Childhood Friend Testimonial

We asked Erin Wischer, a founding member of Childhood Friends and Vice President of our Community Board, to share her reasons for supporting our mission –

Erin Wischer, Vice President of ChildSavers’ Community Board Member.

Why do you give your time and resources to ChildSavers?

It’s much easier to address trauma as soon as it happens. For children, early intervention is key. ChildSavers offers these services and is proactive.

What’s unique about ChildSavers’ programs and services?

[ChildSavers is] the expert in our [community] when it comes to early child care and trauma-informed care. Everyone that works with [ChildSavers] – from [their] administrative, service-providers, CEO, volunteers – [they are] all dedicated to the cause. I trust everything [ChildSavers is] doing and I can see the results.

Why did you decide to make a monthly/recurring gift?

It’s so doable and easy, I don’t have to remember. It’s very convenient to make sure I’m donating to a cause I care about.

We are grateful for Erin’s volunteer service on our Community Board, and her recurring support through Childhood Friends.

As a nonprofit, our mission is defined by the community that we guide. Remember, resilient people don’t go through life alone. That’s why you’re your generosity is so vital. If you are considering joining ChildSavers to make a difference, there is no better time than now.

You can join today at and by selecting “monthly” as your Donation Frequency. Want to talk to a real person? I would love to hear from you at 804.591.3913. You can also reach me at

By Amy Clark Garmon

Amy knows that you don’t pay your rent or mortgage all at once. Or your child care bill or gym membership. Now you can make a monthly contribution that ensures ChildSavers can count on a reliable stream of support all year. Amy is a connector. A self-described “puzzle piece putter-together.” She enjoys short, choppy sentences and then a really, this-should-be-two-sentences long one.

Amy earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her resume is filled with her favorite Richmond-area nonprofits. As our resident historian, chair of the imaginary holiday decorating committee, and relationship-builder, she’d love if you’d send her a note to tell her a story or say hello!

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