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Finding Quality Child Care: Ian’s Story

ChildSavers‘ Child Development Services Department was contacted by an Eastern Henrico County child care center that was prepared to expel Ian, a 4-year-old boy exhibiting challenging behavior. The center felt they didn’t have the resources to care for him, and his classroom teacher had presented an ultimatum: if Ian was not removed, she would resign.

Ian, whose parents had been incarcerated, lived with his paternal grandmother and grandfather and his two sisters. Ian and his siblings had been abused and neglected by their parents, at times being handcuffed to a bed as a method of “babysitting.” Ian’s grandparents were senior citizens who lived in a small trailer. His grandmother was a maid at a nearby hotel; his grandfather was disabled.

At the time we were contacted by the child care center, Ian’s father was still in jail, but his mother had been released. However, she continued to behave in neglectful and harmful ways toward her children. For example, she would often tell the children that she would pick them up from the child care center to spend some time with them, and then she would never show up. After the center had closed for the day, the personnel would contact the grandmother to come pick up the children, who had been waiting for hours.

This was a perfect referral and we were able to provide extensive training to the teachers at Ian’s care center.

It was also believed that Ian would benefit from a new care provider. We made a referral to a home-based child care provider who had completed the Voluntary Registration process at ChildSavers and expressed a desire to work with special needs children. This provider agreed to work with Ian, and we assisted his grandmother in enrolling him. The young boy did remarkably well in his new care setting and remained there until he started school.

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