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With sweeping views of downtown Richmond and a stunning lawn space, The Overlook at ChildSavers offers the perfect setting for your next outdoor event in Richmond’s historic Church Hill neighborhood.



About the Overlook at ChildSavers

The Overlook is not only an event venue, it is a children’s mental health clinic called ChildSavers. When you book the Overlook, you’re supporting children’s mental health and development in RVA.

While the lush green lawn offers a perfect view of the city and plenty of space to party, the building itself is an architectural treasure. It was designed in 1968 by Philip Johnson, a famous American architect, known for his influence on Modern architecture. The poured in-place concrete demonstrates a modern identity, and the scattered rounded glass windows simulate punches made by a machine, the pinnacle of technology during mid-century.

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Booking and Event Details

For an additional cost, you may work with an event rental company to rent a tent and table layouts to accommodate up to 250 guests, seated, and up to 350 guests, ceremony style. In order to preserve the beauty of the Overlook’s landscape, and maintain the space for future enjoyment, there are restrictions on equipment, decorations, and other event elements.

Please note: You may book the Overlook for events but we are not offering tours due to COVID-19. At this time, only outdoor space is available. No inside-building access is permitted and toilets must be rented from a third party. All events at the Overlook must abide by CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

For pricing, terms, and conditions and to start planning your next event, please contact Juliana Olsen at


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