Jordan's Story - mental health client child therapy at ChildSavers in Richmond, VA.

Jordan’s Story

ChildSavers is at the nexus of two central issues – a dire need for both child therapy amidst a growing mental health crisis and access to quality child care and education so parents and caregivers can return to work.

Jordan* is one of twenty-six students in his fourth grade class beginning virtual learning for the first time. His time with his ChildSavers therapist has not only helped him adapt to virtual interaction, but also provides peace, knowing a trusted adult is only a Zoom call away.

Jordan’s grandmother, with whom he was closest, passed away this summer. His hardworking father, balancing two jobs, has had little time to process his own grief, let alone Jordan’s. But because Jordan uses his father’s phone for virtual therapy sessions, Dad has the opportunity to engage in the healing process and family therapy. This new time spent together has proven beneficial for them both. Your support gives children like Jordan the time and connection they need to build resilience and heal.

While school moves online, child care providers face new obstacles on top of keeping children safe and healthy. You have the opportunity to equip early educators with the training and tangible resources they need to prepare children for lifelong learning. In addition, you’re supporting small business owners and keeping child care facilities open.

Thank you for your continued support of clients like Jordan, his guardians, and essential caregivers in our communities.

*Details have been altered to protect the identity of our client.

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