ChildSavers is very fortunate to have Dr. Thresa H. Simon providing psychiatric services to children in Richmond.  Dr. Simon, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, joined our organization in 2001.  In addition to the work she does with ChildSavers, she also provides services through her private practice and is the clinical director of the girls’ residential program at Poplar Springs Hospital in Petersburg.

Dr Thresa Simon, psychiatrist at ChildSavers in Richmond, VA

About Dr. Simon

Dr. Thresa Simon’s dedication to children is evident throughout her career. After earning her medical degree at Stanley Medical School in Madras, India, she practiced as an obstetrician in India and the United Kingdom. After coming to the United States, she completed her residency and fellowship in psychiatry at the Medical College of Virginia. She has also recently completed her Masters of Science degree in Health Administration.

What continues to excite her in her work here at ChildSavers is, “the opportunity to treat this underserved population.” Though many psychiatrists today may limit their practice to medication management, Dr. Thresa Simon sees treating children from a more holistic perspective. In this team environment, she is able to look at the big picture, including the child’s environment, social structures, and family system. Some children who see Dr. Thresa Simon are put on medication; others are not. She often suggests waiting to see if therapy is effective with a child before prescribing medication. With other children whose symptoms are more severe, medication may have to be prescribed before therapy can begin to work. She provides clients and their families with as much information concerning medication and other options as possible so they can make informed choices. Dr. Simon also provides the Mental Health Services team with in-service training and consultations to help increase therapeutic skills and knowledge. She and her private practice team also support ChildSavers by covering any crises clients may have when our facility is not open.

Dr. Simon states, “There is no greater feeling in the world than working with a child and seeing them get better.”

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