Training for Child Care Providers

ChildSavers offers free and low-cost training for child care providers online. Our child care workshops are designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in working with children and help you improve your classroom and business strategies.


ChildSavers offers a multitude of training opportunities for early child care professionals

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We provide online training and coaching, designed to meet the needs of early childhood teachers and providers caring for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. View our calendar below to sign up for our quarterly virtual training opportunities.


Online Book Studies – Certificates Included!

Our virtual book studies are an easy way to gain experience. Purchase the book(s) assigned and your instructor will guide you through learning activities. Submit your activities to your instructor for feedback. Once completed, you receive a certificate for your training hours. It’s that simple! 

Please contact Cindy Kern at (804) 591-3915 or for more information.

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